Only Ambition

We're a crazy Canadian store stocked with unique products. If you like apparel, love pinup, or enjoy crafted goods & housewares then you're in great company. 

Why Choose Us?

Only Ambition is an independent Canadian owned business that is based in Ontario.

We cater to your unique interests by offering the coolest brands!

Only Ambition specializes in and encourages you to pursue your interests and your passions from the comfort of your own home.

If you're on the hunt for that "unique special something" then look no further.

We are an authorized seller of each brand we feature on our store! All of our products are brand new and obtained directly from those brands as well.

All handcrafted goods are made with brand new materials purchased from Michaels Canada.

We ship directly from Ontario, Canada, to all of Canada and the U.S.A.

Love them. Big fan of Charla Tedrick shoes. This place is great to order from super fast processing and hidden fees no import free shipping. Was skeptic at first seemed to good to be true but it’s true got my first order and now I’m super happy. Will be ordering from here again


I had ordered this sweater from another retailer only to be told after the fact that they were out of stock. I desperately wanted to buy it for my friend for Christmas so I searched high and low throughout the interwebs. The ONLY place I could find this sweater was at Only Ambition. I was worried about ordering from Canada as I live in America and was not sure that it would arrive in time for Christmas. The Customer Service team at Only Ambition were awesome and worked hard to make sure the package arrived here before Christmas! The sweater was perfect and my friend loved it!!!! I actually wish I had bought one for myself as well. :)

Kelly D.

About Us

Sherry Showers, Nolan Showers

Creator & Co-Creator

We're a couple of easy going Canadians that want to bring some fun and happiness to our customers! We love home, and happiness, and love to smile. 

We've taken the opportunity to share those things with others in the form of our products, site, and customer care. 

It's still just the beginning of our journey but we've got some fun things that we'll be adding to our store and importing to Canada. 

Thanks for joining us for the ride!

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