How do your sales work?

We use discount codes and automatic discounts that are applied in your cart at check-out. You'll always be able to enter the discount code at check-out and if it's an automatic discount you don't have to worry about anything. 

Do you ship to the U.S.A

You bet we do! We ship our products to the U.S.A. and we ship to our Canadian customers too!


Do I have to worry about duty or import charges in Canada?

 We import all of our products into Canada and have them on hand to ship to our customers. You will never have to worry about any hidden duty or import charges while shopping at Only Ambition. We're bringing great products straight to you! 


What Do You Mean Out Of Stock?

We will try our best to always keep all our sizes of products available for you.  But when you buy it so quickly, it's sometimes hard to keep up!  We will do our best to keep our stock available, and will promptly drop any products that we no longer carry. (Sometimes they're too heavy!)


Where's My Stuff?

All our orders will be sent out as quickly as possible on Monday to Friday.  Weekends are for play! Cheers!


How Do I Use A Gift Card?

Once you've signed up to Hang With Us! and purchased a Gift Card, you will be sent an email with your new Gift Card redeem code in it.  All you gotta do with your next purchase, at checkout, is stick the redeem code in the Discount Code box and hit Apply.  It's that easy!  (Gift Cards don't expire!)


This Shirt Doesn't Fit... Now What?

First off... RELAX!  It's OK!  You can return your new-with-tags-attached items in original packaging.  Once accepted, we will issue you an in-store credit in the form of a Gift Card!  For full details on returns and exchanges, check out our Return Policy!  We've got you covered!    

Where is my Package?

Please keep in mind that we are the business not the shipping company. Once your purchase is shipped its out of our hands and on its way to you, depending on the shipping you chose the eta of your package could be faster or slower. We can not snap our fingers and make your package appear at your door. We wish we could though that would be pretty cool! 

But no matter what you will receive your package!